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September 09, 2010


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Lew Curtiss

Bryon - I'm incredibly excited about this class and the real world applications we're going to explore. This is where the rubber meets the road, living our faith openly, honestly, and effectively. Thank you for leading us in this discipleship training!


I'm starting an 11 part sermon series this week on the Sermon on the Mount. Bohoeffer, Stott and Hauerwas are my main influences in understanding this text.

Markus von Steinfort


It's great to hear that you're teaching the Sermon on the Mount as a 12-week series at West Side and, in all seriousness, it gets me to thinking that a variation of this would make for a great course in your teaching ministry with seminarians, as well! (Of course, I wish I could visit and sit in for all 12 weeks, and I hope you have a great turnout/participation at the church).

As we've discussed, so many of my own biblical-theological influences (including those Neil mentioned above) have engaged in work which variously points to the Sermon on the Mount and, over the last few years, I've intermittently engaged in the discipline of reading the text daily - which I've recently begun again and which I am (and the church is) invariably encountered by profound blessings and significant challenges.

All that said, may God be blessed by your teaching, the persons and the participation in this class.


I'm guessing you've read Oswald Chambers' "Studies in the Sermon on the Mount." While not academic there's a lot of good nuggets to be taken from it.

Bryan Burton

Couldn't agree more. What other texts are you using? May I commend Glen Stassen (Living the Sermon on the Mount), Earl Palmer (The Enormous Exception), Doug Webster (The Easy Yoke), Daler Bruner's Commentary on Matthew, Robert Guelich's Commentary on Matthew, Kent Hughes' The Sermon on the Mount.

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